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Appreciative Inquiry
The AI 5Ps framework

Découvrir les 5P de l'AI
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The Appreciative Inquiry approach is a very rich, powerful and sophisticated approach. It is always applicable whatever the circumstances and requires a fine understanding of its nuances and subtleties both in the posture to adopt and in the way of practicing it concretely. We often hear too quickly summed up AI to the 5D process or that AI is a positive approach to change. AI is much deeper and more powerful than a simple process and is more generative than positive. We wanted to expose the wholeness of AI by creating the 5P framework that we described in the book AI5: how to deploy the full power of Appreciative Inquiry.

Here you will find the "wholeness" of AI that we have described with the framework that we have invented of the 5Ps: Presence, Paradigm, Principles, Processes, Parts and Pieces. Because AI is both a way of doing things and also a way of being in the world.



In our experience, there are two levels of Appreciative Inquiry practice:  

  • Doing IA : by following the given steps or by using one of the tools offered by the methodology. This normally occurs as part of a planned intervention co-created with a client or a steering group in the organization we work with. 

  • To be AI : in the here and now, focusing on what is working well and / or on what has something energetic / alive in itself.


Both levels are valuable. They often feed on each other. In our 5P frame of reference, we consider that the two outer circles (Nuggets plus Process) correspond to "making AI" and the two inner circles (Paradigm and Presence) correspond to "Being AI". The principles that form the middle circle are the link between "doing" and being "AI. 

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