The world needs new answers so let’s start asking different questions!29

Change your intention to change your habits


We live in a world where the questions we ask often lead us closer to our problems. Why is that? Because we have a deep-seeded conviction that in better understanding our problems we will be able to fix them. Though while we might know they better, this understanding does not inspire solutions! Even if this way of thinking is very rational, it can very quickly become problematic - especially when we need to act in complex organizations or where complexity and rapidity render analysis obsolete.

Red points, green points, an essential choice 


So, what are we going to question and on what base will we begin constructing our future? The “red points” in our organizations? Problems, dysfunctions, frustrations, and what is impossible are often confused with reality. But our reality is much bigger than this and our habits make us forget that our “green points” are still there – though they may be under-utilized or even unexploited. These green points are our aspirations (hidden by our frustrations), what is possible with what is available (instead of focusing on what is missing), our strengths and the energy they give us (rather than working overtime to eradicate weaknesses)…


It is time to change our focus and enlarge our vision of reality! And what if we considered our red points as new beginnings rather than transforming them into dead-ends by trying to resolve them without end?

Two conceptions of the development of leader and their organizations. 


In our world today we have a choice – we can either consider people, teams and organizations  as a sum of gaps to fill (between what they are and what they should be) or on the contrary, a sum of resources to amplify and intentionally going in search of all the resources that are available to us.​


What you focus on grows ! So what do you choose to focus on ? 


Approachs that are oriented towards strengths and solutions like Appreciative Inquiry, Solutions Focus, Positive Deviance, and positive psychology are both powerful and delicate at the same time. They are not techniques or processes to put into place, they are a way of thinking and acting, a mindset to develop and a “muscle” to use. Helping to bring about transformation in our organizations means that change leaders and coaches who have worked on strengthening this muscle are essential.

Turningpoint’s proposal – a powerful training for the benefit of your clients and organization

Our vision at Turningpoint, which our clients recognize wholeheartedly, is « if you want to go higher, to deeper ».


This is also the promise we make you by proposing the Appreciative Inquiry approach during the trainings we organize – go deeper into your understanding and in the practice of this approach in order to help your clients and organizations reach a superior level of agility, growth and vitality!


Turningpoint is a major actor in transformation and leadership development, using systemic and strengths-based approaches. Our coachs and facilitators are among the top in these disciplines and our at the service of training new change leaders for a sustained positive impact.


We therefore invite you on a paradigm-shifting journey: go from the habit of digging into your red points to developing a ‘second-nature’ for building on the green!