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What is Appreciative Inquiry?

We consider this as one of the most original and important approaches of the 21st century. Invented in the United States in the 1980s, Appreciative Inquiry gained a solid reputation in other countries.

We have put together a video that details the approach – applicable for individuals, teams and organizations. The video presents:

  • The history of A.I.

  • Fundamentals principles

  • Possible applications

A more personal video on Appreciative Inquiry, directed by Joep C. de Jong (The Netherlands), a first generation A.I. practitioner.

Joep is part of the group of 12 practioners working with founder David Cooperrider on defining the future of Appreciative Inquiry.

Joep is currently doing doctoral work on Appreciative Leadership and is using films to build the basis for his dissertation.


In difficult times, Appreciative Inquiry allows you to see the light in the tunnel and not just at the end of the tunnel!

An initiative that we took during COVID to encourage us to stand firm and see the opportunities in these constraints.

You can find the product of this initiative which has turned into a daily intervention that you will find here #30daysaappreciativeinspiration

Some customers testimonials

An operation at Philips Lighting Automotive

An example at Savencia Bongrain

Positive Transformation (conference)

A business review at Philips Lighting Automotive

Some other interesting videos

Joep C. de Jong, a major international figure in Appreciative Inquiry takes part in our first Appreciative Inquiry training course in France on Appreciative Leadership

Joep C. de Jong talks about what appreciative leadership means to him

Jane Magruder Watkins filmed and interviewed by Joep C. de Jong. Jane was at the origin of Appreciative Inquiry in the world having collaborated with the young doctoral student of the time David Cooperrider

Joep C. de Jong talks to us about Appreciation

David Cooperrider on Appreciative Inquiry

Explanation (with French subtitles) by Jacky Kelm, an American practitioner who is also the author of several books on Appreciative Inquiry in life. She is the author of one of the best books on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry.

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel at TEDx on the notion of Inquiry

Video by David Shaked on Appreciative Inquiry in Times of Crisis. How AI can help us see things differently. David in particular presents the 5P model of our book "AI5: how to deploy the full power of Appreciative Inquiry"


A tool, a process and a mindset to get your team, your organization off the ground.

The SWOT often focuses on the W and the T and we tend to be weighed down by that.

The SOAR makes us take off! 

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