An experience-based training over 3 days for coaches, facilitators, leaders in organizations (HRD, Change leaders, Managers…)

  • 3 days to explore and prepare to act

  • 2 group supervisions 

  • Digital platform forum to go deeper and sustain practice with the help of other participants


Prepare to act

Test and Apply

Learn and grow with my peers

Share on forum

3 days

2 supervisions

Go deeper - Go higher - Go further 

The first 3 days allow participants to discover this approach to leadership and transformation.


Day 1: “A leader of appreciative change”

Day 2: An appreciative experience based on a subject chosen by participants


Day 3: Fundamental principles of strengths-based approaches


Following these first 3 days, participants can immediately apply this new way of thinking and working in their ecosystem

2 supervisions + forum on digital platform


Participants test and apply what they learned during the 3-day session within the framework of their projects and activities.


They benefit from 2 supervisions/intervisions (laboratories) that are lead by a Turningpoint coach and interact with all participants on a digital platform forum.

Face to Face


TARIFS/FEES (Présentiel - Face to Face)


Coachs/Consultants                                 :  2 500

Corporate people/consultant big orga.  :  3 500