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After these conferences, you made need to revisit some previously-held beliefs on the development of individuals, teams and organizations!


Le Management Appréciatif

Nous avons eu la joie et l'honneur d'intervenir auprès de celles et ceux qui enseignent à nos enfants. Le Rectorat d'Académie de Versailles nous a sollicité pour leur parler du Management Appréciatif. 

Voici la vidéo de ma présentation. 


Notre dernière conférence pour le 

"Hub Conduite du Changement Digital" de SNCF Réseau (Direction Générale Numérique (DG NUM) / Département Data & Accélération Digitale).

points verts points rouges

Allow your perspective to be challenged....

Resistance to change?  Does this actually still exist?​

Build on resources: if it's that obvious, why do we start with our weaknesses and our gaps? Isn't that what we do when we call our weaknesses "development areas" in our personal development plans?

Do we learn better from our failures? What if we learned more from our successes? Even MIT confirms that this is the way to go!

Long live our frustrations! No need to rehash them without end, let's look at them as excellent starting points to determining our aspirations!

Bernard Tollec

Interactive conferences (in French or in English) on:


  • Positive leadership

  • Positive transformation

  • How to develop a strengths-oriented culture

  • Red points / green points, you have to choose: develop a culture of abundance in a world of scarcity

  • Appreciative Inquiry: an approach to 21st-century organizational development and leadership

  • Re-boost a project team, a Management team

  • What have you done with your talents? Work on your talents to succeed more easily and quickly


These conferences last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and can be adapted to your needs

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