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Appreciative Inquiry Turningpoint

The "Green Dots"

November 2017 

11 participants from France, Switzerland, Italy (coaches, HRD, project managers..)

Appreciative Inquiry Turningpoint

"Dolce Vita"

January 2018

10 participants from France, Belgium, Italy (coaches, Nursing home director, strategy consultants...)

Appreciative Inquiry Turningpoint

The "DITP"

May 2018 

The Inter-ministerial Directorate of Public Transformation asked us for a special training session for 12 Public Administration coaches (Finance Ministry, ENA, IGN, DITP...)

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The "Green + Red = Yellow"

June 2018 - PARIS

15 participants : coaches, Strategic Director, Director of the Centre Pompidou, Therapist, PWC HR, Project Managers...

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The "Lemon" Group

January 2019 - PARIS

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November 2018 - PARIS 

17 participants : coaches from France and Switzerland, DG of the Centre Pompidou, Talent Director of La Poste, Technology Director of Accenture, DG of a strategic consulting firm, painter, educator with Arche...

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The "Milan" Group

February 2019 - MILANO

16 participants : coaches, CEO, SAV Director, Director of large accounts, from France, Switzerland, Italy and Hungary

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April 2019 - PARIS

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The "Sparkles"

September 2019 - KUALA LUMPUR

18 Turningpoint coaches from the Asia region:  China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea...

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The "Australe" Group

October 2019 - PARIS

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November 2019 - MILANO

17 participants: coaches, Director of Learning of a largeg international bank, CEO, SAV Director, Director of large accounts, HR VP of a major hospital...