Joep C. de Jong

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Joep C. de Jong is one of the world's pioneers in Appreciative Inquiry, an approach for which he is considered one of the opinion leaders. It is in this capacity that David Cooperrider asked him to join a group of 12 people who are currently thinking about the next steps in this discipline.


He co-founded Appreciative Inquiry Consulting in the United States with a group of pioneers of Appreciative inquiry, including David Cooperider and Diana Withney. He trained with Jane Magruder Watkins and Barbara Sloan at Case Western Reserve Universtiy. He has been facilitating for 25 years with the Appreciative. He is a graduate of Case Wester Reserve University in Cleveland, US.



He is particularly interested in the sustainability of the results of the Appreciative Inquiry. In recent years, he has developed a particular interest in what he calls "the soul of the appreciative leader", which is also the subject of his current research as part of a PhD thesis.



Joep is often invited to speak at international conferences dedicated to this approach: Boston 2001, Miami 2004, Soesterberg 2006, Tilburg 2008, Kopenhagen 2009, Nepal 2009, Gent 2012 in Johannesburg 2015.


Before becoming a consultant and coach, he had important responsibilities at Apple and BT and was CEO of a large Dutch coaching and training group Van Harte & Lingsma.



He has worked on a large number of missions for multinationals such as Abbott, SmithKline Beecham (Glaxo), Visasys, Compaq (HP), Apple Computer, Chevron and organizations such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and the World Food Organization (UN WFP).



He has published in leading HR magazines such as Personeelsbeleid and Avanta and in AI Practitioner, the international journal of Appreciative Inquiry Practitioners. In 2013, he published "Handboek Appreciative Inquiry" with Robbert Masselink.

Appreciative Leadership

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