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David Shaked

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David is an international expert on organizational transformations with strength- and resource-oriented approaches. He has more than twenty years of experience in designing and leading successful change, organizational development interventions and training programs, particularly in the areas of strategic planning, effectiveness improvement, team building, coaching and leadership development, ecosystem engagement.

Previously, he worked as a Lean Six Sigma business improvement leader at Johnson & Johnson and worked on optimizing sales, marketing, finance, IT, HR, customer service and supply chain processes. He has worked throughout Europe, the United States, the Middle East, India and China.


David is a practitioner, trainer and opinion leader of several transformative approaches based on strengths and resources and dialogical approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry, Coaching Solution Focus, Positive Deviance, Positive Psychology. His book "Strengths based Lean Six Sigma" was published in November 2013. It presents an innovative and strengths-based approach to process improvement and efficiency that combines the rigour of Lean Six Sigma with the energy, creativity and commitment of strengths- and resource-based approaches.


David is an Appreciative Inquiry Trainer for NTL Institute (a prestigious group of Organizational Development specialists) in Europe and the United States, a Master Black Belt and an experienced Lean Thinking and Six Sigma trainer and a member of the ASFIO Board. He holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and economics (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and an MBA (University of Texas-Austin).

David's published book brings together Lean/Six Sigma and Appreciative Inquiry / Solution focus. The best of the both worlds!