Appreciative Inquiry Training

12th - 14th - 19th of October 2020


We invite you to introduce yourself to the group: either by answering the email or by sending a video by WhatsApp. Here are the questions : 

  • A few words about yourself: who are you? what do you do? what inspires you in general in life?

  • What attracted you to come and participate in this experiential Appreciative Inquiry training?

  • What is your intention for these three days, what would you like to find there? What is your best hope?



We invite to join our Whatsapp group as we will use it during the workshop

the link :

or the QRCode on the right (just do as if you take a photo of it and you will be able to will arrive on our Whatsapp group - only if IPHONE)


We invite to look at these two videos about talents

This. video gives you the differences between talents  competencies, weaknesses and strengths in overdrive

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These are all the links to the different sessions or your trainings

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You have received a zoom link we will use for the entire training


This is the booklet we will use during the workshop

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This is the booklet we will use during the workshop


The Green dots/Red dots

The Radar