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... en focalisant intentionnellement
      sur les forces et les aspirations !

La démarche de l'Appreciative Inquiry est orientée sur les forces et permet de travailler individuellement et collectivement dans le cadre de changements et de transformations avec une façon de faire diamétralement opposée aux habitudes acquises​...

Prochaines formations Praticiens Appreciative Inquiry

Groupe 1 - Mai 2023 (Inscriptions closes)

Groupe 2 - Novembre 2023 (en distanciel)

  • 3 jours fondamentaux : 8–10 –13 Novembre 2023 

  • 4 sessions se supervision/laboratoires de 2 heures et une session de certification :
     27/11, 18/12/2023 & 8/01, 29/01, 4/03/2024

* les dates des laboratoires seront à confirmer avec les participants 

Bernard Tollec


Coach d'Organisation et de Dirigeants


Co-auteur du livre "AI 5 : comment déployer la pleine puissance de l'Appreciative Inquiry

Un pionnier de l'Appreciative Inquiry en   France


The team of coach-practitioners and trainers

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Appreciative Inquiry?
It's here !

The Academy of Appreciative Inquiry is dedicated to this approach to transformation, which is one of the most effective approaches to supporting collective intelligence within organizations.   David Cooperrider, co-creator of this approach says “Every company, man, system, has something that works well, that gives it life, efficiency and ensures its success. »

Our own definition of Appreciative Inquiry: “The intentional and obsessive search for resources”.


  • Intentional: this approach contrary to our personal and professional habits invites us to focus on our resources: what is possible, what works, our talents, the opportunities. It is contrary to our habits and the use of tools and processes that we use in our daily lives; these tools and processes, going to look at the problems in order to understand the reasons for them in order to eradicate their source and thus solve the problem. If starting from a good intention, this usual way of doing things will rather increase the problem because by dint of focusing on him he risks taking up all the space. Analyzing the problem certainly makes us more intimate with the problem, but does not necessarily allow us to find the most appropriate solutions.


  • "Obsessive": we are convinced and our experience always proves it to us that it is possible to find resources even in the most complicated situations, it is enough to be convinced of it and to be in a continuous search for it by asking questions oriented towards the search for resources, strengths, best experiences, opportunities…


We cover the completeness of Appreciative Inquiry (Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Exploration) in these 5 components that you will find described in our book “AI5: how to deploy the full power of Appreciative Inquiry”: Presence, Paradigms , Principles, Processes, Small (tools). Appreciative Inquiry is both "being AI ” and “do AI”.


Appreciative Inquiry can be used for oneself, in a work with another person, a team or an entire organization.


Within the Academy of Appreciative Inquiry, we have made it our mission to disseminate it both by forming (face-to-facein digital) and supervising practitioners (whether they are leaders, consultants) inter and intra company, by publishing regularly (bookarticlevideoblog), by participating in the various international events in which we make frequent interventions and by being in contact with our international colleagues with whom we collaborate regularly. We are also frequently asked to produce lectures on Appreciative Inquiry  and its applications. We are in a constant search to amplify this approach and we have also developed a whole new approach to the development of organizations which we have called "Positive Transformation" which we have already deployed in a good number of organizations in order to help them to release their energy to make them livelier organizations, help them develop more generative leadership and contribute to making projects more collaborative and fruitful.

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Academy of 
Appreciative Inquiry

A question, a request, we invite you to contact us, we will always be happy to answer you! 

Commencez par un entretien de 30 minutes avec l'un d'entre-nous
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